Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Root Beer Ranks

Since one of the main goals of The Rootbeer Brothers is to compare the many hundreds and maybe thousands of brands of root beer it is very important for us to have a ranking system. In our earlier posts we identified a standard to compare all other root beer to. Although Jeff and I have differing reasons for doing so, he and I both agreed that A&W Root Beer would serve as the most appropriate standard. Thus, during our future taste tests of other root beer the basis of our judgements will be in comparison to A&W. This leads us to the Rootbeer Brothers ranking system.

The Root Beer Ranks will list each root beer that we evaluate and through our posts we will discuss our impressions, which could include taste, foam, carbonation, after-taste, smell, packaging...etc. From our impression Jeff and I will each provide a ranking which will be established based on a direct comparison between the evaluated root beer and A&W Root Beer. The rankings can range between one half of a frosty mug of root beer to 5 frosty mugs of root beer, in half increments. With this in mind A&W, being the standard, is ranked with 3 frosty mugs of root beer which will allow room for much better root beer and much worse root beer on the ranking scale. We intend to make our first evaluation very soon of a Springfield, Missouri favorite "Sprecher Root Beer Soda" so sit back and pour a smooth one and lets enjoy some root beer.


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