Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sprecher Root Beer Soda – Not just for the Blackbirds

Upon popping the top to this 16oz dark glass bottle you are immediately given a sweet invitation to dive into this very creamy and smooth root beer that was nicely balanced with much less carbonation than A&W. Sprecher carries a very distinct taste of root beer extract with a unmistakable hint of honey. This flavor is just as refreshing as the very unique logo of a blackbird holding a bottle of the brew in one hand and a full frosty mug in the other. On the down side Sprecher came up short on foam, when poured into a frosty mug the foam although was thick but was also shallow and very short lived. This is unlike A&W which although produces thin foam it is very deep and long lasting. The color which some may consider less important, was somewhat darker than A&W but not by much.

So my evaluation of Sprecher found that in areas of smell, taste and especially packaging a very solid 4 out of 5 was appropriate. In areas of foam and color Sprecher fell to a 3.5 out of 5. For me, what brought this root beer over the top was the distinct honey flavor, the fact that it is in a glass bottle and the very unique logo. So I hesitantly award Sprecher with 4 frosty mugs.

All and all this is a good root beer that is certainly worth the occasional $1.79 splurge but not exactly something that I would stock the root beer cellar with. But a root beer cellar stocked with any brand would be cool to have now wouldn't it?


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