Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sprecher Root Beer Soda

Well I had the opportunity to sample this frosty beverage about a week ago, but it has taken me until now to really decifer what I liked and disliked about this root beer. This root beer arrived in my mailbox in a bottle. Bottle brews go a long way in my book. For some reason, a beverage stores and pours better from a glass bottle.

I will agree with Adam, the label is very unique and does lend to the appeal. The Sprecher Root Beer mascot, Rooty, has a tight grip on his frosty mug and holds a bottle of Sprecher as if to say "This is what it is, now go get your own". For more information on Rooty send a SASE to 701 W. Glendale Ave, Glendale, WI 53209.

As far as taste, I never really got the great taste of root beer that is so apparent in A&W, but there is another taste that really is the trademark for this brand of root beer. The key to the flavor is the blend of Wisconsin Honey and vanilla. This flavor is very distinct, but not my favorite - not bad, just not my favorite.

I also think the amount of honey in the recipe hinders the amount of head this root beer produces when poured into a frosty mug. I don't like a lot of carbonation, but I do need enough to give a descent head when poured (the actual head is no where near that shown in the above picture).

Sprecher is marketed as a root beer, but it is not a great root beer. It does not live up to the standards set by A&W. I give Sprecher Root Beer - 2.5 Frosty Mugs.

This blog is primarily a root beer rating forum, but there is no guarantee that other sodas will not find their way across our palate and onto this blog. The Sprecher Brewing Company has many other unique soda flavors available that might be worth trying.


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Anonymous said...

I disagree! I think Sprecher Root Beer is the best out's creamy and delicious!