Monday, March 5, 2007

The Standard: A&W Root Beer

Adam is right. Whenever you have to decide if you like one thing over another, there must be something to compare it to - a standard. I see no better choice than to have A&W Root Beer as the Rootbeer Brothers standard.

I feel somewhat differently than Adam on my decision to have it as the standard. As soon as you open a bottle of A&W you know you have a root beer. The spritz of aroma that leaves the bottle smells just like those little root beer barrel candies that you can grab a handfull of at the Claim Jumper. He is also right about the taste. It too tastes strong and crisp of root beer extract. I, however, am not a fan of extreme carbonation. A&W is too rich in the bubbles for me, but that still doesn't block the fact that it tastes good. Perhaps the main reason I feel so strongly why this root beer should be the standard is the fact that almost every American can associate with it. Most have tried one or at least seen one of the A&W drive-thrus that polka-dot the entire United States.

Let us know if you feel we are way off the mark on our standard. Also, please feel free to recommend root beer that you think will surprise the Rootbeer Brothers taste buds.

Bring on the root beer!



Anonymous said...

I feel you are right on the money with the standard, with one caveat. The A&W in the cans and bottles is not the same as the draft. The draft version is the best in my opinion. Much smoother and cleaner taste than the sweet, over-carbonated bottles and cans.

Anonymous said...

Are there any mini beer kegs compatible with Krups B90 Beertender?

Also: best tap root beer - A&W. Best bottled root beer - Abita.