Thursday, March 29, 2007

Stewart's Fountain Classic Root Beer - The Standard in a Glass Bottle

I received my bottle of Stewart's from Jeff in the official Rootbeer Brothers mailing tube which is working great by the way. My first impression of this brew is that the logo is pretty cool, a root beer barrel shaped frosty mug filled to the brim with brew and foam. This cool logo and the fact that it is in a glass bottle makes for what we call in the world of psychology "good face validity". Another words the very appearance of the bottle gives the impression that a great root beer is stored inside.

As I opened the bottle the aroma from the spritz reminded me of another very familiar root beer, A&W to be exact. I know this without a doubt because when I evaluate a root beer for the ranks list I actually do a direct comparison with A&W. Another words I opened a bottle of A&W right after the Stewart's. The aroma was identical. In fact as I continued with the evaluation and indulgence of these two brews it was very difficult to tell them apart.

The color, scent, and taste was almost indistinguishable. I did notice a slight difference in carbonation, Stewart's presented with slightly less which was a plus but on the same note when poured into a frosty mug it came up slightly less in foam as well. Stewart's Root Beer is certainly a good root beer, in fact it meets the standard perfectly. This however is concerning for me simply because Stewart's is normally more expensive than A&W and I have found that it carries slightly a better reputation as well. However, the only real difference that I have experienced is the fact that it is in a glass bottle, which isn't something I take lightly. Every good root beer belongs in glass, plain and simple. So with all that in mind I award Stewart's 3.5 Frosty Mugs, the additional half over A&W is simply because it is appropriately in glass. But on that same note if it came down to value I still think A&W gives the most for your money. But if it came down to preference, I like root beer in a bottle so maybe the extra money is worth it.... quite a toss up best answered on an individual basis based on the situation you are in.


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