Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hill Country Fare Root Beer Soda (HEB Store Brand) – Cheap in Price not in Flavor

Generic root beer is just that, generic. One would not want to hold any such root beer to normal standards but this particular generic may have defiled this pattern. Now I am not saying that this an exceptional root beer but for a generic it certainly can hold it’s own. I picked up a six-pack of this brew while visiting a friend in College Station, Texas at the local HEB grocery store (the best grocery store I have ever visited but that is for a different blog all together). Needless to say I wasn’t expecting too much from this generic. I sent one can to Jeff and decided to drink a few prior to actually sitting down and doing a proper comparison with A&W. I was instantly surprised by how tasty it turned out to be.

As with most generic brews this was in a 12 oz can with a very lame if not child like design all over it. With a pop of the top however I was immediately surprised with a strong inviting aroma of root beer extract. The taste was also very surprisingly full of that same extract, no frills, no foam, but full of flavor and color. Yes, this generic brew was actually much darker than A&W and the flavor was almost comparable. For a generic, full flavor is quite a challenge, a challenge that Hill Country easily overcomes.
So with low to nonexistent foam, very poor packaging, and with no real frills, Hill Country may fall in with the slew of many other generics. Where this particular brew finds ground is with a full hearty flavor with the complimentary dark color. It is my opinion that normal generic root beer should receive 1.5 Frosty Mugs, but not this generic which lands one-half of a Frosty mug higher on the ranks list. Hill Country a generic unlike generics- 2 Frosty Mugs