Monday, May 14, 2007

Berghoff Famous Rootbeer: Big Bottle for a Big Brew

Berghoff is made in the heart of Chicago especially for the Berghoff Cafe and as one can expect, a big city like Chicago demands a big root beer. Not only does this root beer itself have big taste, the bottle is BIG too! As Jeff mentioned this brew comes wrapped up in a 32oz amber bottle, which alone can win the heart of most root beer lovers. I mean that much root beer in one place must be a good thing. To clarify I found this bottle also in the HEB in College Station, Texas.....sure is a long way from Chicago.

So my review, the bottle certainly wins some points, the taste, well the taste was interesting. I must admit after staring down this huge bottle for a few weeks I created some great expectations. What I was presented with however, fell a bit short. Don't get me wrong however, this draft is worth it's weight in gold (and that bottle isn't very light). The aroma came up short, didn't exactly send out the spritz of invitation one would expect. The color was that of A&W, not dark but not too light. The taste was better than the standard however, it had a much smoother taste, maybe less carbonation or more vanilla, regardless however it was a smooth full root beer taste. A very high quality root beer taste I might add. I think that high quality impression may have been achieved through the use of the pure cane sugar as Jeff mentioned, it had a very unique sweetness. For the most part this is a root beer worth keeping your eye out for, but not exactly worth driving 600 miles for or how ever far it might be for you to get to the windy city.
3.5 Frosty Mugs


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