Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tommy Knocker Root Beer: One for Caramel Lovers

When Adam sent me my last shipment one of the root beer bottles was busted. Fortunately, one Tommy Knocker survived.

I couldn't wait to re-try this root beer. This is one that Adam and I had enjoyed in the past. For the life of me, I couldn't remember what it tasted like. In the past we drank root beer for the shear enjoyment of the root beer flavor, but since the start of this blog, we are now forced to rate root beers against each other.

When I opened the "Tommy" there was relatively little spritz...almost none, but it did produce a descent head. Why was there very little spritz but descent foam? That was my question.... Hold that thought.

The root beer aroma that usually comes out of a good root beer was next to gone, instead it was replaced with a unique caramel smell. The color of the brew mimics most other root beers; again, not too light - not too dark. Drinking the Tommy is smooth, but still doesn't give a good, crisp root beer flavor; rather, it tastes more like caramel. Nothing on the ingredients would lead you to believe there are any other unique flavors added.

So back to the original question: No Spritz, but good foam and tastes like caramel.

I believe all of these have to do with their brewing process. Caramel is simply supersaturated sugar water heated over time. I believe this flavoring is actually added as a syrup of caramel and the consisitency of the it makes the carbonation stay trapped within the brew until poured, once poured it traps the carbonation into a nice foam. Obviously, I have no idea how they brew their soda - just a mere guess.

Overall, "Tommy" didn't provide me with what I wanted in a good brew - mostly because it tasted like a caramel soda instead of a root beer. But, if I was ever in Idaho Springs, CO I would definately want to stop by and tour the brewery. Maybe even pick up a free sample. 2 Frosty Mugs


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