Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tommy Knocker Root Beer: Good Soda, Not Exactly a Good Root Beer

As Jeff indicated, this was once one of our favorites. I remember sending some to Jeff from Arizona and he bringing me back some from a trip to California. How I looked forward to the smooth crisp taste of a Tommy Knocker. As Jeff has indicated however, we never compared brews back then, we just enjoyed them. I must admit I was at first very surprised by Jeff's comments regarding our old favorite. That surprise was surpassed however when I popped the top.

The initial spritz was very weak, the color was slightly darker, and the pour was uneventful regarding foam. The bottle however was very cool, a long-neck amber bottle wrapped in a label any root beer lover could appreciate. An old long bearded miner wearing a lamp hard hat and holding a full frosty mug of brew. The label was awesome and one of the best I have seen, but the brew really fell short.

The taste was as Jeff described, a distinct hint of carmel, but it was very creamy and so smooth. The taste, although not root beer extract, was so inviting and flavorful that it alone places it on a distinct list of soda pop. But soda pop is not what the Rootbeer Brothers are here to evaluate. The fact that it is passed off as a root beer is kinda mind boggling. Tommy Knockers carries so many other varieties of flavors that one must wonder why they simply didn't just label this one Carmel Creme or something. So I love this soda but as a brew I am not impressed and in fact rather disappointed. There is a slight twist of root beer extract well below the creamy carmel so they have it in there but in far too short supply. They gain some ground with their very awesome label and long-necked bottle. I therefore rank this root beer with 2.5 Frosty Mugs.


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