Thursday, May 31, 2007

Virgil's Root Beer: A Slice of Heaven

Well let me start with this diclaimer: I AM A HUGE, HUGE FAN OF MOXIE SODA. In fact, I know of only another man who has an even greater love of Moxie than mine. That would be Adam.

Why did I tell you that? Virgil's is no ordinary root beer. In fact, calling it a root beer is a stretch in my book. It is more like a Moxie. Moxie claims to be a cola, but that is a stretch for me as well. They are in a class all their own. Let's examine Virgil's bottle.

Virgil's says:

"Using natural ingredients,
We brew a root beer so pure,
So rich and creamy,
You'll swear it's made in heaven"

"Using natural ingredients....."
The ingredient list is so large and complete, I do not want to list them all here (they are tagged below). Every flavor that is mixed within in this bottle compliments the other perfectly to give a wonderfully unique flavor. I got to tell you, this is the second brew that had cane sugar as the sweetner. It works.

"We brew a root beer so pure..."

The licorice and anise take over in this brew and annihilate any chance of a root beer aroma or taste from being experienced. The color is dark and brilliant like in a good root beer, but the head disappears within 5 seconds; maybe even 3 seconds. So again, it is not a root beer in my book.

"So rich and creamy...."

This is a very rich brew. The flavors do not leave your tongue for a good while after taking a drink. Trust me, you will not want them to leave. It wasn't creamy - not at all - BUT it didn't need to be. I think that line was just the good 'ol boys from the brewery showing their poetic talents.

"You'll swear it's made in heaven"

I do swear. And I dare you to swear too. This brew is on the top of my list of drinks to drink. If you like Moxie or are up to the challenge of drinking something new, fresh, and different - THIS IS IT!

Easily, 5 Frosty Mugs.



Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying my first VIRGIL'S ROOTBEER, I don't remember ever having a rootbeer this delicious.

I've never commented on anything other than a great book I've read but this rootbeer is too good to keep to myself.

Noah Clark said...

If this beverage had more if a creamy texture I would love it, however since it lacks this element, I put Henry Weinhards as my go to RB.