Thursday, June 21, 2007

Faygo Draft Style Root Beer: A&W's Oldest Brother

I found this root beer in a Kroger grocery store in Ohio. Faygo carries a great number of flavors and by no means are they known for their root beer. This very year the company is celebrating their 100th year in business. So I wish to send out a big mug of CONGRATULATIONS out to them on this momentous occasion. Faygo began way back in 1907, exactly 12 years prior to A&W.

The pop of this top sent out a most familiar and inviting aroma of root beer extract. Familiar in that I could not distinguish it from the A&W I opened immediately afterward. In fact as I poured the brew into my frosty mug it was as if I was seeing double. Faygo was so similar to A&W all the way down to the plastic bottle that if it wasn't for the label I would have sworn I had grabbed two of the same.

The taste was certainly that of the standard, exactly that in fact. The head was the same, the color even the same. In some ways I was a little let down, I like trying new brews, this was no new brew. Since Faygo has been around so much longer than A&W I decided that it's new nickname could be A&W's older brother. You have to wonder where Roy Allen, the creator of A&W, got his recipe back in 1919......... good stuff for sure, I grant this as another standard root beer with 3 Frosty Mugs of course.


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Anonymous said...

Faygo rootbeer actually has wonsome chef's taste awards. While I don't consider it to be top of the line, you could do worse and pay more. A twelve pack is around $2, but you should try their Rock&Rye it is a unique old school soda.