Friday, June 8, 2007

Virgil's Root Beer: Possibly a Pearly Gates Brew

Maybe it is the all natural ingredients, or just the cane sugar, I'm not sure, but whatever it is, I can't get enough of it. The bottle of Virgil's indicates that you would swear it was made in Heaven, if there was root beer in Heaven I would be willing to bet that the label would read Virgil's.

To begin with, the pop of this amber bottle delivers a very sweet root beer aroma. The foam is limited and short lived but the color of this brew is noticeably darker than our standard brew. The label displays a burly looking guy (who one would be safe to assume is Virgil) serving up a platter of root beer to a couple of anxiously awaiting kids sitting at a table. Having indulged in Virgil's prior to the establishment of this website I too felt just like those kids, in anxious waiting.

The flavor is smooth, sweet, and yet distinctly root beer. It is hard to describe the flavor of Virgil's, it is best if you go out and pop a bottle yourself.

I thoroughly enjoyed this bottle of brew, I did feel the foam was a bit lacking and I do prefer a more stout brew over a sweet brew, but this was no brew to be taken lightly. Having evaluated a few brews now with Jeff I have found that him and I vary in this respect, he prefers the sweet brew and I the stout brew. But in Virgil's we certainly have found some common ground. Although this not on the top of my list, Virgil's certainly ranks high. I grant this worthy brew 4 Frosty Mugs.

On a side note one aspect of Virgil's that any root beer lover can appreciate is the fact that they sell this brew in a 1 gallon party keg. A gallon of brew, now that's a party to go. Check out their website to learn more

As far as MOXIE goes, Jeff is certainly correct, it ain't no ordinary cola, one day we may need to pay some proper homage to Maine's very own brew.

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