Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Natural Brew Draft Root Beer. Different and Good.

This is the final review from the last shipment received from Adam.

Natural Brew Draft Root Beer is a very unique root beer with the best head to date. The foam sprung up quick and hung out for quite a while. The aroma leaving the bottle was a good combination of licorice and other earthy (root) aromas.

Out of all the brews we have reviewed thus far, this brew gave my mouth the most trouble determining which flavor was the strongest. I actually did not like the first swill out of my frosty mug. However, the after taste drew me back for more. Again, the same happened with the following drink. The problem with this brew is that I have had this flavor before - at least the major flavor in this brew. What my mouth was reacting with was the anise. One of my favorite Mexican beverages (Jamaica) is made from hibiscus flowers and our family recipe uses anise as a major ingredient. So after a minor mental adjustment I could enjoy this brew for what it is.

Overall, this brew is good. I have a pretty good feeling that many people will not like it. In fact, my wife asked what our rating scale was after she tried it. I told her 0-5 Frosty Mugs. She ranked it a 0. I will give it much higher than that. It is a solid 3.5 Frosty Mugs.


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mawsr said...

I am glad to see that Adam has other friends that like Jamaica too.