Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Hank's Gourmet Philadelphia Recipe Root Beer: Serve it on a Silver Platter

As far back as I can remember I have never paired root beer with the word gourmet. In fact when I think that far back I think of root beer being served in a frosty mug in some fast food joint where the waitresses are zipping around on roller skates. Now that is about as far away from gourmet as you can get. So how did Hank's enter the picture? The bottom line, these guys started out in the mid-1990's with the single intention to make an upscale premium product. Premium is only about a half-step away from Gourmet, the only difference is presentation. I checked out the Hank's website and found that normally their bottles actually say "Premium" rather than gourmet but there was also a difference in the bottle. The bottle I have pictured to left is a much more upscale bottle and therefore it reads "Gourmet" and appropriately so.

I am not sure where Jeff found this one but I found it amongst the many bottles of brew he sent in a box I found on my door step when I arrived home from our Ohio visit. He encouraged me to pop the top of this one first, I am glad he did.

I was amazed as I poured this brew from one of the most impressive bottles I have ever seen brew stored in. The bottle has the logo embossed in a golden foil, not once, but twice and then the actual glass of the bottle also bears the name "Hank's". Very gourmet and that's only the bottle. The brew was dark, very dark, the foam was very similar to that of the standard, and the spritz, well that aroma was very distinct, a very strong root beer extract emanated from the elixir inside.

This brew has few flavor frills, something I actually look for in a brew, but for some reason I still loved it. It didn't have a hint of almond or vanilla, just root beer, plain and wonderfully simple. I mean it, I experienced a very sound root beer flavor, smooth, crisp, and pure. The carbonation was perfectly balanced, the brew flowed from the mug easily over my taste buds, it was as if this brew had been made for the sole purpose to be appreciated for what it was ..... a root beer. Gourmet, indeed, this brew is what you would want to serve your boss, if he loves root beer. This is the stuff they probably stock in the 5-star restaurants around this fine country and if they are not stocking it the reason is simply because they do not stock root beer at all. I thoroughly enjoyed this review and encourage all of our readers to seek this one out. I serve up Hank's my highest score yet, 4.5 Frosty Mugs.....on a silver platter.


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Randy said...

Hi there... I just have to see if you're still reading and updating your site. My brother and I made a video critiquing Henry Weinhard's, Route 66, and Hank's root beers. It was fun. You might enjoy watching it, too. It is at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTHhU5i_ess

Have a good day.

Randy Belisle