Monday, September 17, 2007

Rootbeer Brothers Brewing Notes #1

From the beginning of this tasteful journey Jeff and I have played with the idea that eventually we would be brewing our own root beer for the web site. Our thoughts were that we could identify what each of us loved about the brews we evaluated and then some how collect them into a brew of our own. Recently I have been attempting to bring this to at least some realization.

I decided to check out a local home brewing supplier which proved to be the most enlightening hour of my collective lifetime of root beer experiences. The guys over at "The Home Brewery" in Ozark, Missouri were by far the most knowledgeable sources I have come across. I originally went in to simply purchase a few supplies but we got to talking and before I knew it my whole perspective about root beer had shifted in a remarkable way. I went from being a devout yeast and glass jug using brewer to a CO2 Cornelius keggin' brewer. I learned more in that single hour than I had from all the books and articles I had read over the last 6-months (and there were a lot of them). To learn for your self just check out their website and be sure to tell them Adam from the Rootbeer Brothers sent you.

So I purchased the basic equipment for a genuine CO2 kegging system and then cooked up a recipe that I have been working on for some time. This however was the first time I had ever made 5 gallons of brew at one time, a much different experience indeed. I also purchased the basic equipment to bottle the brew which is an entirely different process altogether. In the end this first carbonation experience was very productive in that I learned that I have much more to learn and my technique and recipe has far to go to achieve perfection. But all in the same this is our first step toward an official "Rootbeer Brothers" brew.

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