Saturday, January 5, 2008

A Bloody Egg and a Root Beer Mess -- from Fullyclothed the Blog

This is an entry from Fullyclothed the Blog which is hosted by Michael, a very good friend of mine, who has at times tagged along on my root beer journey i.e. my last visit to Jungle Jim's.

To give some background, Mick and I were doing some Geocaching up in his neck of the woods of Ohio over the holidays. You see he introduced me to this sport and I have had a blast with it ever since. Anyways, a day out caching certainly calls for some good brew. It being the holidays with all the typical increase in calories and all I decided to bring along a lighter brew, hence Diet A&W. Well the rest follows: -Adam

Friday, January 04, 2008

A Bloody Egg and a Root Beer Mess

So I was cooking up some eggs for breakfast the other day. I was cooking one for Oreo the dog 'cause I'm a nice guy. And I was running low on dog food. Well, I guess i picked the right one cause this one had the bloodspot. Which is good cause it means these eggs are farm fresh as opposed to being fron a hen factory. He ate it up quick and loved it.
Anywho, a buddy of mine, Adam of rootbeer brothers fame. Came down before Christmas for a day of geocaching and left a few cans of Diet A&W in the floor of the old Accord. We thought we drank them all but the floor is/was pretty messy and we missed a few. Well, it got down to 4 degrees fahrenheit which was apparently well below the freezing point of Diet A&W. Below are a few pics of the results. So, If you think there may be any cans of Diet A&W in the floor of your Honda and you live at or above 41 degrees latitude, you may want to go out and bring it in tonight.

Well that is about it on the fullyclothed front see ya!

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