Tuesday, January 29, 2008

IBC Root Beer: Name Brand Brew at it's Best

We have evaluated a few name brand brews since our little journey began here at the Rootbeer Brothers. For the most part those brews have landed right around standard quality. However, IBC has changed that pattern. By far IBC Root Beer reigns as one of the best tasting name brand brews this wonderful country has to offer. It can be found throughout the country in most grocery stores and certainly in department stores like Wal-Mart and Target. It all began back in 1919 when the Independent Breweries Company right here in St. Louis, Missouri developed it as an alternative to alcoholic beverages during prohibition, IBC Root Beer became renowned for its quality, richness and great taste.

I first came across IBC when I was a child at the original "Old Tuscon Studios". My family was visiting this very popular tourist attraction when my mother noticed a kid drinking what appeared to be a cold beer. My siblings and I could not believe that this kid was being so bold as to sit there in broad daylight and slam down an alcoholic beverage. My mother must have had a problem with it too since she sent my dad right over to that kid to inquire about this very concerning situation. He soon learned that the dark amber bottle this kid was drinking from was none other than a bottle of IBC Root Beer. Once we realized that it was root beer my siblings and I couldn't wait til we too could grab a cold bottle of this very enticing brew. It may be due to this fond memory but I have always had a love for IBC since that eye opening experience back in Old Tucson.

Clearly this distinguishing dark amber glass bottle is a big plus in my book. The pop of the top released a very distinct and sweet root beer aroma. The pour into a frosty mug produced a elixir that was dark with a head that was thick and maintained a similar duration to that of the standard. The taste was very rich, deep, smooth and pure. It carried a very distinct root beer extract flavor that was somewhat sweeter than the standard but this blend was perfectly framed by the well balanced carbonation which falls into my specific preference. Between the very awesome embossed glass bottle to it's nationwide availability and then of course to the very smooth and sweet flavor, this brew rates high in my book of brew. 4 Frosty Mugs


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