Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Goose Island Root Beer: A "Real Sugar" Brew

Goose Island is by far one of the sweetest brews we have evaluated. I am not sure what these brewers were thinking when they decided to load this brew up with "Real Sugar" but some how it works. I certainly acknowledge that this brew has some downfalls but I still like it!

The pop of the top brought a very interesting aroma of pristine root beer extract and straight up sugary sweetness. The pour was similar to that of the standard including the head. But everything was different from there on.

As I compared the two brews I quickly realized the comparison was pointless. Goose Island is so sweet that it made A&W taste like carbonated water. This is no joke, it was that sweet! Seriously as I was enjoying this brew I could not help but picture someone attempting to make a root beer flavored Kool Aide, you know starting off with like a pound of sugar in a pitcher of water. I know this picture paints a very scary thought regarding this brew but I am telling you some how they pull it off. This brew is sweet, no question there, but it is still smooth and still good. The logo was consistent with the name, nothing too original but cool all the same. The bottle is clear which I am not too fond of. The brew was similar in color as the standard but certainly nothing you would want to drink alongside the standard, trust me on this. In the end the brew stands up well with other brews and if you are ever in the mood for some root beer with your sugar, try Goose Island. I grant this sugary treasure a full 3.5 Frosty Mugs.

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