Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Goose Island: A Vacation to Sweetness

The next contender for the Rootbeer Brothers' quest for root beer martyrdom comes straight from Chicago. A brew from my home state! AND from my kind of town. Yeah, thats right, Chicago is my kind of town (Thanks, Frank). Goose Island brewpub was originally established in 1988 and now has a steady operation brewing 50 beers and few sodas (root beer, grape, orange). They ship to 15 different states and the U.K. I found it at the local World Market.

This brew doesn't scream root beer when you pop the top nor was the head worth bragging about. It did produce one, but was not thick or persistant. The color is has a red hue and light readily passes through it. I liked the label design except for the label color. The label is simple, classic root beer style, but the color is a boring and lacks pizazz. On a shelf with other brews, it would melt away to the back of the pack.

One thing I can say about this brew that I can not say about others is the fact that they use "real sugar". This is a change from the mainstream "high fructose corn syrup" brews and the often better tasting "cane sugar" brews. I am assuming "real sugar" is the packaged white crystal stuff we often pour on our cereal in the morning as a kid. I don't know if I have grown to far away from this habit, but for my taste buds now, this brew is really sweet. Too sweet. Did I say that? Unfortunately, yes. Goose Island tastes of sugary caramel sauce with root beer flavor. For me, it is 2.5 Frosty Mugs.


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