Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rootbeer Brothers ReVAMPed

For those of you who keep an active eye at what the Rootbeer Brothers have to say you may have noticed that we have changed up the look of the site/blog. Almost all of the changes must be attributed to the brilliant web blog "Tips For New Bloggers". On that site, they teach any user how to manipulate Blogger and use it to its full potential. Our blog could probably see a lot more improvements, but here is what we have done so far:

3 Column Lay-Out
We switched from a two column template to a three column template because the site was getting really overloaded. The new column allows us to spread the information in a more manageable fashion. The left column contains the Rootbeer Ranks and The Cellar; The center column has all of the posts and has the Google Calendar "Rootbeer Brothers Critical Dates"; The right column has everything else: translate and subscribe features, link cloud, etc.

Rootbeer Brothers Critical Dates
Located at the bottom of our page in the middle column is the calendar. We are constantly looking for good dates to put on the calendar, but many are hard to come by. We are looking for any root beer festivals, competitions, or historical dates regarding root beer. If you know of any please contact Jeff to have it added to the calendar. If you are having a root beer party, we better hear about it!

This is one of my favorite features on the reVAMPed design. One way we monitor our traffic is using Google Analytics which gives a plethera of information regarding the viewership of your website/blog. To date, we have logged visiters from 4 continents (Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa), 11 subcontinent regions (N. America, N. Europe, E. Asia, S. Africa, S. Asia, S.E. Asia, W. Europe, C. America, E. Europe, and the Caribbean), and 17 countries. I won't list the countries, but you get the picture. People from all parts of the world, from various cultures, all stop in to the Rootbeer Brothers to learn a little bit more about their favorite drink. Clicking a flag under the translate feature allows them to view our site in the language of their choice.

Subscribe Now
I am not going to pretend that I exactly understand the subscribe now feature completely. Many people use a personalized homepage that displays snippets of all of their favorite sites in one easy to view format. Clicking these buttons puts a snippet of our page and updates instantly with our posts (I think).

Root Beer Links
We consolidated our two "Link Lists" into one powerful list. If we are missing a link let us know! We will add it.

Label Cloud
We turned our very extensive label list into a much more appealing "label cloud" with the help from Phydeaux3. Label clouds lay out all the label tags used, but highlight labels used much more frequently. Click on a label and all posts containing that label will be displayed.

That is about it. We know more could be done, but lack experience and, sometimes, time. If you would like to see something change or added let us know. We would love to hear your feedback.



The Batchelders said...

Thanks Jeff an excelent update and thanks for all the changes, the site looks great!

Water Lion said...

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