Tuesday, March 25, 2008

how I got through finals week: Party Keg of Virgil's

I am happy to say that my graduate school finals are final. This has been my 7th term since arriving in my current program and this has been the most stressful term yet. Welcome to graduate school...... you know what I mean?

My secret to getting through finals this term is of course directly related my experiences here at the Rootbeer Brothers. The bottom line is that it was all about the root beer of course. There are not too many places one can score the 5 liter party keg of Virgil's Root Beer but our local Price Cutter Plus grocery store keeps these bad boys in stock. For a crisp $20 a person can walk in, shoulder this keg, and walk out without even being carded, regardless of your age. That is a sweet deal!

All jokes aside though, this brew has kept me up and alert at some extreme times of these most recent nights. Between having exams to study for as well as a term paper to complete, time was not on my side. The ability to stay awake through the wee small hours of the morning made all the difference. So with that I will embark on my Spring break by extending a big 5 liter thanks to Virgil and sending everyone else a Happy Spring !!!


Friday, March 14, 2008

Another Classic A&W Commercial

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Steaz Green Tea Root Beer Soda: The Only Brew I May Ever Decline

I never would have expected to decline any brew. In fact that is why I love root beer, because it flows well with my personal choices regarding my dietary habits. It is due to these very personal dietary choices that I have come at odds with Steaz crazy concoction.
Many years ago I decided, for very personal reasons, to abstain from the use of alcohol, coffee and tea. When I made this choice it was my assumption that there was only 1 kind of what I considered "real" tea which I typically called black tea. You see I do drink herbal teas often and find many benefits from doing so. When I first saw green tea in the store I assumed it too was an herbal tea and went about my way. Oddly enough though I have never come across green tea in any setting where I would have had the opportunity or notion to drink it, until now of course. As I was setting up my root beer evaluation supplies (2 frosty mugs, a bottle of A&W, and a can/bottle of the brew to be evaluated) my wonderful wife noticed the label on this brew said "green tea". She laughed and asked if I intended to actually drink this. When I told her that I did she then began to provide a nut-shell lesson on the reality of tea. Was I ever surprised!
I learned that black tea is a variety of tea that is more oxidized than the other varieties such as green, oolong and white varieties. All four varieties are made from leaves of Camellia sinensis. Black tea is generally stronger in flavor and contains more caffeine than the less oxidized teas.
Essentially, I quickly realized that there was very little difference between the green and black varieties of tea. So where does this leave me? Of course, at a place where I am going to have to decline my first brew. To be honest though after reading Jeff's entry I may be getting out when the getting is good. I certainly appreciate Jeff's entry and am certainly not trying to push my personal choices on to another. Simply, I am just providing an explanation to why I am declining a brew. For these reasons I am going to mirror Jeff's rating and also grant Steaz Green Tea Root Beer Soda with
2 Frosty Mugs.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Virgil's is on the MOVE

Reed's Inc. made another big announcement regarding one of the better root beers on the market. CEO Christopher Reed, NOT Christopher Reeve (A.K.A Superman), announced that Virgil's will be the first national brand root beer to be introduced as a micro-brewed soda draught.

The first production will be distributed in March 2008 and will be made available initially throughout the New England and Southern California marketplaces in select bars. Don't stop there Mr. Reed! Hit the college towns! Serve it up in the funky pizza joints around campus. For starters, hit the University of Florida's local hotspot, Satchel's Pizza. They have the best pie in town, but sorely lack on a good brew.

Check out the original news wire.

A&W Root Beer Classic Commercial

Was it the taste that made A&W famous, or the really good commercials? Or a little bit of brute strength?

Monday, March 10, 2008

Good News For Rhode Island and Conneticut

Reed’s, Inc. (NASDAQ: REED) announced today that Northeast Beverage Company has agreed to distribute Reed’s product lines throughout Northern Connecticut and Rhode Island. Recall, that Reed's Inc. is the maker of Reed’s Ginger Brews, Virgil’s Root Beer and Cream Sodas, China Colas, Reed’s Ginger Juice Brews, Reed’s Ginger Candies and Reed’s Ginger Ice Creams.
Check out the original business wire.

Northeast Beverage Company is a leading beverage distributor in Northern Connecticut and Rhode Island. In addition to being Rhode Island’s exclusive distributor of Coors and Red Bull and Connecticut’s exclusive distributor of Red Bull, Northeast Beverage distributes a portfolio of well recognized beer, new-age beverages and hand crafted soda brands.

Too bad this deal didn't happen back in September when I was up in Rhode Island. Enjoy North easterners, this is a win-win for you and Reeds, Inc!


Friday, March 7, 2008

Another Public Service Announcement from IBC Root Beer

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Steaz Green Tea Root Beer Soda - WHAT????

Ok. So I am at my local grocery store in the regular soda section and low and behold a new bottle is glaring up at me with the words ROOT BEER in white text on a bold green banner. Above the banner where two, count 'em, two frosty mugs with a thick foam head prominently displayed. Above that, the words "Green Tea Soda".....WHAT??? Green Tea? Soda? Root Beer?

Does this add up?

Well, no. No it does not.

Once chilled and the top was popped, a spritz of root beer left the mug followed by a swarm of malodorous tea. A head did form....barely. In fact, the label may be bordering on false advertisement. The foamy head is no where near what is on the label - the label looks more like the standard, A&W. Steaz' Green Tea Root Beer Soda looked more like an open A&W that has been left out....for 3 weeks. The foam was gone by the time the bottle emptied into the mug. The color resembles a good summer time ice cold glass of Lipton Tea: reddish-brown and clear. It tasted like you just got done eating a root beer barrel candy and washed it down with a big gulp of tea. Not a good combination. It carries the bitterness found in most tea products...a bitterness I normally enjoy, but not with my root beer.

Alright...now for some good qualities. I like the fact that they went the extra step to get certified USDA Organic. Strong work Steaz! We need more companies to see the light. Also, the concept of Root Beer Green Tea Soda is rather brilliant! I love the idea! In fact, I am a big fan of tea. I grew up drinking unsweet tea, but now I live in the south [FL] and as they say "when in Rome [GA], do as the Romans do [drink sweet tea]". I also drink green tea on a regular basis, both cold and hot. BUT I am an even bigger fan of root beer and I just have a stricter palate when it comes to a good brew. This does not classify as a good brew. I don't think root beer and tea should be mixed.

2.0 Frosty Mugs


A Public Service Announcement from IBC Root Beer:

Sunday, March 2, 2008

1st Anniversary of The Rootbeer Brothers

It has certainly been a tasteful year here at the Rootbeer Brothers. We have evaluated 14 brews, perfected our logo, started the Rootbeer Cellar and stocked it with 3 brews, began experimenting with making our own brew, changed the format of the site from 2 to 3 column display and added a translate and search option, and almost made it to the Root Beer Festival in Alto Pass, Illinois (plans got changed at the last minute).
Smooth times indeed!
The most impressive accomplishment in our book is that the website obtained 3,890 hits during our first year. Not too shabby for a couple of guys just yapping about some root beer.
So for the year to come, it is our hope that we will evaluate even more brews this year, throw in some more root beer history and recent root beer news, we will get closer to obtaining our own recipe of brew, increase traffic to our site, and we are most hopeful of obtaining some interaction and feedback from our friends who have tagged along with us on our journey. So keep "poppin those tops" we certainly will.
By the way, thank you, who ever you are, for taking the time to humor our little root beer adventure.
your friends; -The Rootbeer Brothers, Jeff & Adam

A Newsfeed on Fitz's

From time to time we will try to share any root beer news articles we come across. I felt this one is noteworthy. In fact, it made me a little jealous because I live so far away.

It is a little story from the The Current, a University of Missouri newspaper, about a small little restaurant in St. Louis that bottles their own root beer. Definitely sounds like a must if you live in that neck of the woods or if you travel to St. Louis. Check out the original story.

Fitz's sounds like a match made in heaven. Good food and fresh brew. Let us know if you have been and how it was!