Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dad's Old Fashioned Root Beer - An Olde Time Favorite

Dad's Root Beer has been around for the last 70 years. This brew has been making life smoother here in America since 1937 when Chicago Distilled Water & Beverage Company first began bottling the new root beer recipe. Along the way Dad's has been involved in some legendary innovations. The most notable is that it was the first beverage ever to be packaged as a six-pack unit. Dad's gained some recognition in 1986 when it was identified as the second most distributed root beer only second to, our standard, A&W. The brand has been sold on numerous occasions including for a short time being owned by Monarch Foods who also continues to own another distinct beverage called Moxie. Most recently there has been a reemergence of Dad's. The current company has big plans for this brew including flooding Wal-Mart stores with these big bottles of root beer of which is the place where I bought mine.

The brew itself falls in a similar place as the other brews with history behind it. In those days the standard was just that, the standard. I am sure back then it was actually Hires Root Beer which was the original. All the same though that is what other brews were probably based on. Hence, there are many similarities between them.
Dad's proved to have a bit of a sweeter aroma and a much darker color. But the well expected root beer extract aroma was clearly represented. The carbonation was much less than A&W which was not becoming of the brew. It resulted in less head and less bite. I am not a big fan of too much carbonation but too little and the brew begins to remind me of Kool Aide. The logo and label are original, not very creative but not bad for 70 years ago. The flavor does carry much more of a licorice tinge which makes this brew distinct from the standard. All and all not a bad brew to keep around, the price is right and the size is perfect for a day's supply of brew. I grant Dad's the same as the standard

-3 Frosty Mugs


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