Tuesday, March 25, 2008

how I got through finals week: Party Keg of Virgil's

I am happy to say that my graduate school finals are final. This has been my 7th term since arriving in my current program and this has been the most stressful term yet. Welcome to graduate school...... you know what I mean?

My secret to getting through finals this term is of course directly related my experiences here at the Rootbeer Brothers. The bottom line is that it was all about the root beer of course. There are not too many places one can score the 5 liter party keg of Virgil's Root Beer but our local Price Cutter Plus grocery store keeps these bad boys in stock. For a crisp $20 a person can walk in, shoulder this keg, and walk out without even being carded, regardless of your age. That is a sweet deal!

All jokes aside though, this brew has kept me up and alert at some extreme times of these most recent nights. Between having exams to study for as well as a term paper to complete, time was not on my side. The ability to stay awake through the wee small hours of the morning made all the difference. So with that I will embark on my Spring break by extending a big 5 liter thanks to Virgil and sending everyone else a Happy Spring !!!


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