Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Steaz Green Tea Root Beer Soda - WHAT????

Ok. So I am at my local grocery store in the regular soda section and low and behold a new bottle is glaring up at me with the words ROOT BEER in white text on a bold green banner. Above the banner where two, count 'em, two frosty mugs with a thick foam head prominently displayed. Above that, the words "Green Tea Soda".....WHAT??? Green Tea? Soda? Root Beer?

Does this add up?

Well, no. No it does not.

Once chilled and the top was popped, a spritz of root beer left the mug followed by a swarm of malodorous tea. A head did form....barely. In fact, the label may be bordering on false advertisement. The foamy head is no where near what is on the label - the label looks more like the standard, A&W. Steaz' Green Tea Root Beer Soda looked more like an open A&W that has been left out....for 3 weeks. The foam was gone by the time the bottle emptied into the mug. The color resembles a good summer time ice cold glass of Lipton Tea: reddish-brown and clear. It tasted like you just got done eating a root beer barrel candy and washed it down with a big gulp of tea. Not a good combination. It carries the bitterness found in most tea products...a bitterness I normally enjoy, but not with my root beer.

Alright...now for some good qualities. I like the fact that they went the extra step to get certified USDA Organic. Strong work Steaz! We need more companies to see the light. Also, the concept of Root Beer Green Tea Soda is rather brilliant! I love the idea! In fact, I am a big fan of tea. I grew up drinking unsweet tea, but now I live in the south [FL] and as they say "when in Rome [GA], do as the Romans do [drink sweet tea]". I also drink green tea on a regular basis, both cold and hot. BUT I am an even bigger fan of root beer and I just have a stricter palate when it comes to a good brew. This does not classify as a good brew. I don't think root beer and tea should be mixed.

2.0 Frosty Mugs


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Ruth said...

What is the point of organic soda? Here is what Marie Claire says in the latest issue:

Not if it's organic chips, organic soda, or organic cookies.
Cane sugar is still sugar and fried chips are still fried, no
matter what kind of compost was or wasn't heaped onto
the potatoes. Sorry!