Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Home of "The World's Greatest Hamburgers" also serves up a "Great Root Beer Float"

I wish to extend my best wishes to Jeff as he will be away for a short time caring for some of his employment endeavors. While he is away I plan to bring light to some aspects of the Root Beer World that we are not typically able to focus on due to our diligent efforts in evaluating the brew itself.

This entry will discuss my impressions of a root beer float that I enjoyed in "The Home of the World's Greatest Hamburgers" also known as Fuddruckers.

These hamburger joints are found all around the country. They provide an atmosphere that is not typical of a normal fast food restaurant, simply because they are not a fast food restaurant. In fact the service is great, they make the burgers fresh to order and provide more condiments than one may ever find elsewhere. Now all these amenities do come at price, a steep price when you consider the fact that all they are serving is hamburgers. But for those willing to pay $8 for a decked out burger, this is the place.

My wonderful wife started out our life together working the bakery of a Fuddruckers and since then we have always held a soft spot in our heart for this food chain. We stopped in the other day after many years of not doing so. To my surprise they listed on their menu a root beer float and they laid it on thick describing it as one of the best. In fact they pride themselves in using what they believe is the best ingredients for making a root beer float.

They start off with Blue Bell vanilla ice cream and then mix in 2/3 of a bottle of IBC Root Beer. I am a big fan of the Texas based ice cream and IBC, well we all know where I stand on that. I must admit, Blue Bell and IBC make a great combo and with the fact that they bring the remaining IBC in the bottle to your table is a huge plus in my book. I am not sure where this mix would land on a scale with other floats but this is a safe bet, well worth the money.

A big decked-out burger and a root beer float...... the makings of one perfect dinner!


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