Saturday, June 28, 2008

Root Beer Float at Andy's Frozen Custard

As the summer is heating up one might want to find a smooth way to cool down. I have been most fortunate as to have found the smoothest way to do this at a local frozen custard shop. I say local but really these custard peddlers are sprouting up everywhere: Andy's Frozen Custard

These guys not only know how to make the most smooth and delicious custard ever but they have perfected the (at least in my opinion) the root beer float. At this point I should mention that they have Sprecher on tap, oh yes ON TAP. So picture this first they fill a cup 2/3 full of Andy's custard and then drown it in Sprecher (from the TAP) and serve it up with a spoon and straw. Summer has never been sweeter!!!!! So here is the bad side, although these places are sprouting up everywhere what I mean to say is everywhere in the Ozarks. Another words if you want to try it you may have to take a little trip to SW Missouri, you will be glad you did :)

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