Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween from A&W & The Rootbeer Brothers

While walking through my favorite aisle (soft drinks) at our local grocery store I came across a display of tiny six-pack cans of A&W bearing a Halloween theme. Now that is what I call one tasty way to celebrate the Fall season.

The tiny can matched my daughter's tiny mug as if it was meant to be. So while my children and I will be enjoying our tiny cans of brew may we also extend a Happy Halloween from your friends at A&W and The Rootbeer Brothers.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Vance Gilbert: Root Beer for Breakfast

So often my wonderful sweetheart reminds me that my choice of breakfast is "unhealthy". You see my friends it is a typical scene that my refrigerator is packed with various brands and flavors of America's soft drink..... root beer. This may not bee true for many but for a Rootbeer Brother this is everyday life.

In the hustle and bustle of life I am typically about 5 to 10 minutes behind schedule and will often reach for a cold brew on my way out the door in the morning. This has become such a routine for me that my peers have made jokes about my choice of breakfast. However there is one amongst us that has captured my true feelings regarding this issue. The folk musician/song writer Vance Gilbert has always brought his unique style of approaching the ups & downs of life. However, one his songs in particular really capture the life and times of a root beer lover.

click on this link to hear the song "Root Beer for Breakfast" for free courtesy of Rhapsody Root Beer For Breakfast


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Blue Sky Root Beer Encore (Organic) : A Brew Mother Nature "Never" Intended

There is a very unfortunate myth in the world of food that "Organic" is better. In some areas I would agree, grains, meat, shoot even milk, however, root beer...... not even!!!! Blue Sky has recently added their encore which seems a bit presumptuous. I have had their Creamy Root Beer and was not repulsed but I haven't bought any more since. So the thought of an encore seems a little out of line. However, considering that this is intended to be an informative evaluation I will start with the good.

The head was thick and long lasting. Very thick compared to the standard but also much darker, like crazy darker. The dark head of course was a direct result of the brew itself. I am always fond of dark brew but this was like Tales from the Dark Side dark. Another words SCARY DARK. What have they got in this can of brew? Well in fact one ingredient I am actually on board with, cane sugar, of course it is organic. So cane sugar, thick head, dark brew..... that is where it ends and turns so drastically bad!

The very aroma of this brew is a bit nauseating. At times the aroma is not a good indicator of what is actually in the can. In this can however it was only the beginning of a very bad trip to Santa Fe and back. That's right we can blame the following on New Mexico.

The taste was so far from what a good brew should be. It would be very difficult in words how to describe my gruelling attempt to compare this organic can of swill to a genuine brew. There was a slight hint of root beer extract but it was overwhelmed by a taste of complete NASTY! The bottom line, I dumped the encore down the drain and used the standard to flush my pallet. If a good brew is what your looking for then make sure your Sky is far from Blue!

- .5 Frosty Mugs (only because we have no lower increment) it was really that bad of a brew!


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Public Service Announcement: Brought to you by our good friend Snoopy.



A&W Root Beer Floats - Snoopy & Woodstock
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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Blue Sky Root Beer Encore: Encore? No Standing Ovation Here.

Blue Sky Encore is our next installment of our review crusade. I found this organic root beer at my local natural food market, Native Sun. For those of you who do fancy root beer and are somewhat unimpressed by the everyday "syndicated" root beer varieties, local natural food markets normally have some of the more obscure brand root beers. I highly recommend exploring their soda aisles.

Blue Sky Beverage Company is a fully-owned part of Hansen Beverage Company. It was originally established as the Blue Sky Juice Company in 1980 and expanded to include a soda line 1983. Pretty good success story if you ask me ...... BUT

I believe there is good reason that this company is not named the Blue Sky Root Beer Company. To be blunt, this is the worst tasting root beer I have ever sampled. What is really disappointing is that it has such wonderful qualities of a promising root beer. In fact, you may not find another brew as dark and dense as Blue Sky. The aroma is sweet, yet peculiar, and the head is phenomenal. With that being said, the foam is much darker than the pearly white head of A&W's, but is still nice to see.

Here is the problem. Blue Sky is a tongue retching experience. That's right, I said "tongue retching". All of you medical types are saying that may be an impossible concept, but trust me, your taste buds want nothing of this brew. As soon as it touches your tongue you want to release it back into your frosty mug.

The bottom line: Blue Sky Root Beer Encore lacks serious flavor.

0.5 Frosty Mugs


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Root Beer Song

Sit back and enjoy....with a frosty mug. I don't think I can top this performance.

- Jeff

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dad's Old Fashioned Root Beer - An Olde Time Favorite

Dad's Root Beer has been around for the last 70 years. This brew has been making life smoother here in America since 1937 when Chicago Distilled Water & Beverage Company first began bottling the new root beer recipe. Along the way Dad's has been involved in some legendary innovations. The most notable is that it was the first beverage ever to be packaged as a six-pack unit. Dad's gained some recognition in 1986 when it was identified as the second most distributed root beer only second to, our standard, A&W. The brand has been sold on numerous occasions including for a short time being owned by Monarch Foods who also continues to own another distinct beverage called Moxie. Most recently there has been a reemergence of Dad's. The current company has big plans for this brew including flooding Wal-Mart stores with these big bottles of root beer of which is the place where I bought mine.

The brew itself falls in a similar place as the other brews with history behind it. In those days the standard was just that, the standard. I am sure back then it was actually Hires Root Beer which was the original. All the same though that is what other brews were probably based on. Hence, there are many similarities between them.
Dad's proved to have a bit of a sweeter aroma and a much darker color. But the well expected root beer extract aroma was clearly represented. The carbonation was much less than A&W which was not becoming of the brew. It resulted in less head and less bite. I am not a big fan of too much carbonation but too little and the brew begins to remind me of Kool Aide. The logo and label are original, not very creative but not bad for 70 years ago. The flavor does carry much more of a licorice tinge which makes this brew distinct from the standard. All and all not a bad brew to keep around, the price is right and the size is perfect for a day's supply of brew. I grant Dad's the same as the standard

-3 Frosty Mugs


Dad's Classic Draft Root Beer - A Special Root Beer

"Any root beer can be Father's brew. It takes a special root beer to be Dad's brew."

Dad's is a decent brew with no frills, but is rich in full-flavored history. Born and bred in Chicago, IL in early 1937, Dad's fanfare has grown steadily ever since. At one time, Dad's was the second most sold root beer. Can you guess what its main competitor was? Yep, the standard - A&W.

Some Fun Facts:
Did you know that Dad's was the first product ever to use a six-pack format? Also, interesting to note is the unique marketing strategy employed by Dad's. It was originally sold in three sizes: a half gallon size - "Papa", a full quart size - "Mama", and the 7oz or 10oz, "Junior" sizes, consisted of six bottle carry-outs.

Dad's color and odor are about on par with that of the standard. Pouring Dad's into my trusty mug proved not to produce very much head at all. In fact, A&W's head had about twice as much foam as Dad's. Dad's does have a rich, dark thick flavor that ends with a creamy caramel aftertaste. The aftertaste was a bit too much.

Dad's is a cane sugar brew, but I don't think it is in the same league as many of the other cane sugar brews out there, most notably, Virgil's.

I give Dad's a respectable 2.5 Frosty Mugs.