Thursday, October 16, 2008

Blue Sky Root Beer Encore: Encore? No Standing Ovation Here.

Blue Sky Encore is our next installment of our review crusade. I found this organic root beer at my local natural food market, Native Sun. For those of you who do fancy root beer and are somewhat unimpressed by the everyday "syndicated" root beer varieties, local natural food markets normally have some of the more obscure brand root beers. I highly recommend exploring their soda aisles.

Blue Sky Beverage Company is a fully-owned part of Hansen Beverage Company. It was originally established as the Blue Sky Juice Company in 1980 and expanded to include a soda line 1983. Pretty good success story if you ask me ...... BUT

I believe there is good reason that this company is not named the Blue Sky Root Beer Company. To be blunt, this is the worst tasting root beer I have ever sampled. What is really disappointing is that it has such wonderful qualities of a promising root beer. In fact, you may not find another brew as dark and dense as Blue Sky. The aroma is sweet, yet peculiar, and the head is phenomenal. With that being said, the foam is much darker than the pearly white head of A&W's, but is still nice to see.

Here is the problem. Blue Sky is a tongue retching experience. That's right, I said "tongue retching". All of you medical types are saying that may be an impossible concept, but trust me, your taste buds want nothing of this brew. As soon as it touches your tongue you want to release it back into your frosty mug.

The bottom line: Blue Sky Root Beer Encore lacks serious flavor.

0.5 Frosty Mugs


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