Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Blue Sky Root Beer Encore (Organic) : A Brew Mother Nature "Never" Intended

There is a very unfortunate myth in the world of food that "Organic" is better. In some areas I would agree, grains, meat, shoot even milk, however, root beer...... not even!!!! Blue Sky has recently added their encore which seems a bit presumptuous. I have had their Creamy Root Beer and was not repulsed but I haven't bought any more since. So the thought of an encore seems a little out of line. However, considering that this is intended to be an informative evaluation I will start with the good.

The head was thick and long lasting. Very thick compared to the standard but also much darker, like crazy darker. The dark head of course was a direct result of the brew itself. I am always fond of dark brew but this was like Tales from the Dark Side dark. Another words SCARY DARK. What have they got in this can of brew? Well in fact one ingredient I am actually on board with, cane sugar, of course it is organic. So cane sugar, thick head, dark brew..... that is where it ends and turns so drastically bad!

The very aroma of this brew is a bit nauseating. At times the aroma is not a good indicator of what is actually in the can. In this can however it was only the beginning of a very bad trip to Santa Fe and back. That's right we can blame the following on New Mexico.

The taste was so far from what a good brew should be. It would be very difficult in words how to describe my gruelling attempt to compare this organic can of swill to a genuine brew. There was a slight hint of root beer extract but it was overwhelmed by a taste of complete NASTY! The bottom line, I dumped the encore down the drain and used the standard to flush my pallet. If a good brew is what your looking for then make sure your Sky is far from Blue!

- .5 Frosty Mugs (only because we have no lower increment) it was really that bad of a brew!


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