Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fitz's Root Beer - The St. Louis Hometown Brew

Located in the heart of Delmar Boulevard inside what appears to be a very old U.S. Postal building is one of the most tasty root beer gems of Midwest America.

Fitz's Bottling Company is legend in this part of the land and I have wanted to stop in for a long time, the other day we finally found the time. After our tasty visit I am happy to report we were not let down.

As we entered the restaurant/bottling-works I was of course most interested in the bottling process. Lucky for all the customers, the entire bottling works is easily observed from the restaurant. From start to finish the entire process was simply amazing. On this particular day they were bottling Cream Soda which was also most tasty.

The process began with the filler, the bottles were quickly filled with creamy goodness and then moved along to the caper.

The caper quickly snapped and crimped on the cap and then tipped the bottle back and forth to assure that a seal had been made and to mix the contents.

As the capped bottles moved along the fast moving track one bottler was tasked with tase testing the final product to ensure quality.

The "Taster", oh yes there is a guy that pulls some of the first bottles off the line, "pops the top" and slams down some sweet brew and then pours out the rest so he could slam down a few more. All for quality assurance I am sure. Now that is a job after my own heart. The taster certainly seemed to be the happiest worker on the line. That must be the best job at Fitz's.

The finished product is sped off to the final stop of the line were the bottles are placed in boxes, shrinked wrapped and placed on a truck and then they are ready to roll. A fast process indeed, fun and exciting especially for a Rootbeer Brother!

The restaurant had much to offer as well. The food was most unique and very tasty. One is also able to purchase fresh bottled brew ready to roll in convenient 4-packs.

What can I say, a mammoth sized burger, fresh brew in a frosty mug and 4-packs ready to roll..... Fitz's is by far my favorite St. Louis eatery by a long shot.

Check out Fitz's for your self


Professor said...

Love your blog! Fitz's looks like a real interesting brew and I hope to try it and review it on my own site soon. Thanks!

vaxghost said...

A small correction: the Fitz's bottling and restaurant building was built as a bank, not a postal facility.