Friday, January 23, 2009

Brew & BBQ at The Swinging Door

During a recent visit to Texas my friend's dad decided it was high time that I try the best BBQ in Texas..... well at least in the Houston area anyway. I must admit I was somewhat skeptical as we drove up to what looked like a converted chicken barn. The place was called "The Swinging Door" and displayed a scaled model of a covered wagon out front advertising the restaurant. My initial impression did not improve when they handed out the menu which was a xerox copy of a hand drawn menu. Like I said, I had my doubts from the very beginning..... However, the aroma within this very unique setting ( I think the place was barn at one time) was absolutely mouth watering. The sweet BBQ smell wrapped around my nose like a most welcomed friend.

As I reviewed the menu I noticed that soft drinks was listed without a list of those available. I asked the waitress what they had, hoping for some root beer of course. She went down a list and included my desired choice. When I ordered root beer she off handedly mentioned that "you will love the root beer here, they make it themselves" THEY MAKE IT THEMSELVES!!!!!! I could not wait.....

To be very frank, it would be very difficult to distinguish between which was better, the BBQ or the brew. Both were absolutely complementary. I am not sure how the Swinging Door brew would fall within our ranks but it certainly met standard by all means. In some strange way this brew is precisely the brew you would want with the best BBQ in Houston.... best part is that you will not need to go any further than The Swinging Door to get both.

photos of the Swinging Door obtained from their website at

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