Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Brew from Down Under - Bundaberg

I had always heard that root beer in foreign countries was either nonexistent or imported from America. However, I am so thrilled to report the I have found a root beer that is actually an import to America from the land down under.

Australia is known for many things, kangaroo, cool accents, crocodiles, and so forth, they are even known for their beer (i.e. Fosters) however root beer, certainly not on the list. I found the brew in a "Cost Plus World Market".

I have a good friend, Doc Tran, who keeps his eye out for strange and unusual brew. He spotted this one day and I admit I was very doubtful that he had in fact found an "imported" root beer. He brought me in to the World Market to see for myself. I was astonished! There it was, sold in 4-packs with a big ole Kangaroo in the logo, an Australian Root Beer!

Bundaberg Beverages specializes in a variety of naturally brewed soft drinks. However, they have yet to list root beer within their product line on their website????? I wonder if it is something they only make for us Yankees? May be Aussies would not know what to do with a good bottle for root beer. Either way, this company is based in Bundaberg, Queensland in Australia, making this brew the first I have seen as an import. They advertise a very unique gift shop located in Bundaberg which looks like a barrel. If I ever make it to Australia, this place is on my list.

The flavor is stout and full, tasty with a hint of bitterness. I like it! I am not sure where this import will stand amongst our traditional brew, but when life settles down for Jeff and I, it will be sure fun finding out. -Adam


Anonymous said...

I had some in New Zealand in 2005. Must've been just an omission on their website. The ginger beer's even better, though.

Paul said...

As an Aussie, I don't think I've ever seen Bundaberg Root Beer - their ginger beer is far more well known (as is their rum), but they do Sarsparilla - and going by the product descriptions on their site, the Root Beer is merely the Sarsparilla renamed for the export market.