Monday, April 27, 2009

Rootbeer - Hip Hop Style with Pigeon John

Jeff and I have discussed many things in the world of root beer, this however is an eye opener!
Apparently our American brew has entered the world of hip hop, a place I never thought it would go..... foolish me. After all is not root beer the most versatile drink of all, there is a brew for every occasion and now it is being celebrated even in the world of music.

So "who" is Rootbeer?? Adam Flynn and Pigeon John make up this rap/hip hop brew band????
Pigeon John and Flynn formed this side project aside from their work with other bands and solo efforts called Rootbeer. Rootbeer has released one CD early this year called "Pink Limousine." The e.p. consists of five tracks including "Chimpanzee", "Girlies", "Pink Limousine", "Under Control", and "So Good."

These tracks can all be heard on their myspace page
Personally, I am not sure how I feel about these fellas, at least in this context. However, Pigeon John has been around for a long time, early 90's I believe. I have most recently become aware of him with his cameo appearance on a more recent CD by The Grouch & Eligh on their G&E CD track "All In". This track is far different than the others on the CD and is very catchy and has a very cool video that features Pigeon John along with another smooth character named Gift of Gab.
Check out this video on youtube

So another strange branch of the world of root beer.......

Keep popping those tops ......


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