Monday, June 8, 2009

Root Beer on the "fly" in Chicago

I am not sure if a pun is intended regarding the fact that this post is related to a lay over in the Chicago's O'Hare Airport or the fact that I am referring to "Goose Island" root beer.... either way it works.

On a layover in Chicago I found myself wondering the many long corridors of O'Hare without much intention.... that was of course until I came across the Goose Island pub! I immediately veered left and quickly identified the bottle of root beer amongst the many other beer selections. To my even greater surprise the bottle I grabbed was not only a Goose Island root beer but in fact was a special draft made especially for Chicago. The label identified it as being Chicago Style. In my excitement I downed the bottle without any thoughts of comparison to other Goose Island root beer experiences I have had. So I am not sure how it would fare with the other Goose Island root beer that we have discussed here at the RBB. Regardless, and most importantly, there is now a most inviting place to land for root beer lovers in Chicago!!!!

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