Monday, July 6, 2009

Another Root Beer BBQ Sauce : minus the root beer

So A&W, our American Standard in root beer, has joined the band wagon of distributing their very own label of bbq sauce. Ironically I came across this sauce while shopping for my July 4th supplies and so I immediately thought that this was destiny. My anticipation began to build, my heart beat began to increase, my hands began to sweat, my palate screamed for a taste.......

at this point I should issue the disclaimer that there is a massive disappointment ahead....

So there I was cooking over a well heated grill, the meat was tender and juicy, just perfect for the last step of the cooking process, spreading the bbq sauce...... it smelled sweet, enticing, it spread smooth......... soon after I was carrying my plate with perfectly bbq'd meat that was smothered in the A&W BBQ Sauce. My first bite was nice, enjoyable, tasty, yet one important anticipated flavor was missing......... A&W!!!!!!! I would be surprised if there is a single drop of root beer extract in this sauce! What is going on!!!!! Why, Why, Why??????? If it says root beer there should be some root beer flavor!!!!!!!

Oh well.......... at least the dessert topper was a winner :)