Monday, November 16, 2009

Pop the Soda Shop

A fellow root beer fan from Europe asked a very important question of us here at RBB. He wanted to know how he could obtain some of the American soft drink we so love and admire. We directed him to an online shop that is based in Arizona that claims to offer delivery "anywhere allowed by law" so we are confident that this includes all points Europe and beyond.

Even here at RBB, we have been patrons of the Soda Shop, they not only have a long list of brew but they also stock a favorite of ours from the state of Maine called "Moxie".

We here at RBB, at times, find ourselves needing a short vacation from root beer and when this happens (very rare) we reach for a cold bottle of Moxie.

Anyways enjoy shopping at The Soda Shop, let them know the Rootbeer Brothers sent you!

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