Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Signs of A Great Year Ahead for The Rootbeer Brothers

Happy New Year!!! 2010 is upon us and as we look upon the year ahead I thought I would point out some positive signs for a great year here at RBB!

-We have slowly been gaining momentum on Twitter and Facebook and I anticipate that these sources will burst us into the next level of web exposure!
-There are many brews to evaluate and Jeff & I are very excited about getting these reviews out to our fans!!!
-This year marks the 3rd year of our little adventure here at The Rootbeer Brothers and you know what they say "third times a charm"!
-And if those are not enough signs of a great year ahead, just the other day I found cases of Fitz's Root Beer in the long neck amber bottles at Sams Club for less than $12 a case!!!!!!
It is going to be a GREAT YEAR....... 2010!!!!!!

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