Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Rootbeer Christmas - coming to a theater near you

I have been hearing many rumors that this great film will be hitting the theaters this week. We at RBB are very excited!!! From what we do know it was filmed in a tiny town in Utah (Mapleton) by a small film company called Halestorm Entertainment. They filmed much of the movie in the Model A Cafe which is destined to be future site of interest for root beer lovers. We look forward to learning more about the film and more importantly watching the film, what a great gift just in time for the Christmas Season!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Barq's Has Bite..... but now it has a mascot too

Introducing the latest ad campaign of one of our favorite olde time brews, the pooch is named Barqy and he has definitely GOT BITE!

Learn more about Barqy at http://barqs.com/home.jsp

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Root Beer Capitol of the Ozarks - Redmons Candy Factory

Located on I-44 in the sleepy town of Phillipsburg, Missouri Redmons Candy Factory & Service Station serves at a great oasis for thirsty brew loving travelers. Although the candy that is sold in bulk format came as an amazing surprise offering 4 root beer flavors! But the real surprise was that this candy factory has refrigerated cases crammed full of 7 varieties of root beer. Yes 7 individual brands of brew cold and ready to drink! Phillipsburg is east of Springfield and Branson so if you are ever thirsty in the Ozarks stop by and see Redmon, tell him The Rootbeer Brothers sent ya. -Adam