Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Root Beer.... from Sweden?

For about $4 you can purchase a 1.4 liter bottle of this very festive brew straight from our Swedish friends at Apotekarnes ("the Druggists or the Pharmacists'"). Apotekarnes was once the Swedish bottling and distributing company licensed with Coca-Cola but in the 1990's they lost the license and went completely independent. They began to market their own flavored selections including "Jul-Must" translated "Christmas Root Beer". Which begs the question if in Sweden they drink root beer like we drink egg nog? So if you would like to celebrate the holidays "Swede Style" grab you a bottle of Apotekarnes "Jul-Must"! -Adam
to purchase the Christmas Root Beer Jul-Must click here Butik-Hemlangtan

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Anonymous said...

We drinks lots of julmust in sweden, we have julmust in the christmas times (october to march) and when the christmas times are over we drink pÄskmust (it's the same as julmust with another name) however, it does NOT taste anything like root beer