Sunday, January 9, 2011

Abita, treasure from the Southland

So I figure this entry is not only a first glance at Abita Root Beer but also a first glance at Me as a reviewer. I take my Brew in a Frosted Mug which is shaped like a boot. It was given to me by my Granddad who is an 88 year old fella from SW Ohio. And has become over the last few years THE mug of choice when it comes to enjoying the experience of a fine sample of one of my favorite drinks. Matter of fact, Rootbeer is the only thing I ever drink from it!

I first saw Abita Rootbeer advertised on a patio umbrella outside of a bar in Mobile, Alabama after an inquiry inside, followed by a couple of short trips, I was able to hunt it down in the bottle to share with the other brothers. (The places I went only served it on tap). Worth the "work" I have to say!

Abita opens up with an easy aroma. Not to overbearing, and very subtle as Rootbeer goes. At first approach, it has a bit of a bite to it which is very reminiscent of Barq's. For some, this is a negative, Folks add things like vanilla to Rootbeer in order to make it creamy, play it down or smooth it out. However, this is a plus for me as I grew up on Barq's which is what the ol'Granddad used to drink, he being the one who introduced me to the magical elixir. Additionally, I gave up caffeine ages ago so I have not had a Barq's in a long time so this is a real treat!
Mug is brought to mind and it approaches Virgil's by way of it's sharpness without the requisite second drink to train the palate.

The head was pretty good; lasting more than 10 seconds in the frosty mug. Ice crystals which I love, formed almost immediately. The taste automatically gives you the impression that sugar instead of High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) was used. This is something that the bottle proudly proclaims as being "Pure Louisiana Cane Sugar".

Comparing it to the standard, I would pick one of these up given the choice. Again, I like the bite and this certainly has it. It also has cane sugar and comes in glass which are both bonuses.

With it's own unique style and flavor that welcomes you in with a nibble and leaves you with a good aftertaste (just like Louisiana), Abita is definitely the "freethinkers" Rootbeer. Therefore, I award Abita 4 Frosty Mugs and free rent in my fridge for awhile.


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Marc Adams said...

I agree with the review. Especially the "bite". Comparing it side by side to a "staple", A&W it taste's a bit less sweet with their Louisiana cane sugar. In my opinion Abita is close to the same in aroma and flavor to A&W. I like it and as Michael says, I'd choose Abita over the normal competition for the "bite"! I look forward to another taste in the future.