Friday, January 7, 2011

Ask Dr. Root Beer

Have you ever had a question about root beer that kept you up at night? I know I have, one example was what brand goes best with Bar-B-Q. This one haunted me for weeks. I would dream of all these brands of root beer chasing me with barbequed chicken and ribs and even brisket telling me to make a choice. Very scary, very, very scary!!! So anyways I found this guy on the web that has dedicated his life to answering questions like this. If I had only known, just think of all the sleep I would have not missed.

J. P. Gundrum is known as Dr. Root Beer (not to be confused with the Rootbeer family). He started his interest in our favorite beverage back in 1974 after purchasing a "Dad's Root Beer" advertisement sign. He has been collecting root beer memorabilia and root beer facts ever since.

His website is full of images of some of his root beer collection including stoneware bottles which packaged some of the very first brews back in the 1890's.

If you have a root beer question be sure to ask Dr. Root Beer!


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