Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Coming to a Fair near you... Chuck Wagon Root Beer

I have come to love local seasons of fairs and festivals in whatever part of the country I happen to live at a any given time. The season brings with it greasy fried foods, crafts from all around the world, entertainers that have fallen from the lime light, and a most recent discovery, Chuck Wagon Root Beer. To my utter amazement I discovered a covered wagon offering "Old Fashioned Soda" on tap, served in a tin cup. This was a Rootbeer brother's dream come true.... well that or a root beer rain storm.... anyways this was an amazing find!

The company actually sells the entire set-up, the wagon, the taps, the soda mix, the tin cups, the whole shebang for $11,000 start up and then you are on your way to a festival soda selling adventure.
I am very impressed with the business model but more importantly the product was exactly what I would hope for. When you buy the tin cup you get refills at a deep discount and trust me, you will want refills! The flavor is not like modern brews, it is certainly characteristic of the olde fashioned flair, but it is GOOD!!!

So if old fashioned soda and fairs are your thing, grab yourself a covered wagon and lets pour some brew!!!!

Check out Chuck Wagon Soda at www.chuckwagonsoda.com


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