Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Home Brewing Aint Easy - Ask Swagger Root Beer

I have learned from my own experience that home brewing root beer is not easy. Even after obtaining many helpful and directing pointers from actual micro brewers, I had serious problems. For now I have placed those efforts on the back burner, I simply do not have the time needed for this pursuit. However, there is a guy named John who has made this pursuit his passion.

Swagger Root Beer has a catchy name and a brewer with a mischievous wit. John has stated that his real purpose in brewing his own root beer is for his own enjoyment and relaxation. He has blogged his adventures of home brewing since he began back in September. His posts are very informative and fun to read along as he enjoyed both success and failure throughout his efforts. He has even provided some steps for those just getting started in home brewing. The one important aspects of John's efforts that should be pointed out is that much of his effort in brewing root beer has been in from scratch. Yes, he is boiling roots my friends, from scratch!!!! This brew may not be for sale yet, but with that level of motivation I would not be surprised to see Swagger Root Beer on the shelf some day.

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