Friday, January 14, 2011

In the beginning . . .

since the dawn of time . . . well not quite, just since the advent of doubling this household of rootbeer, i’m compelled a little to clarify a few matters on my end. first of all, root beer is not a love of mine as it may be for my other brothers. this may be blasphemy around these parts (blog), but root beer is usually far from my mind.

after a hard workout, it’s not on my mind. but who am i kidding, i don’t really workout. shopping at the local grocery store, which i’m much more inclined to do, not thinking about that root beer thing. when sitting down with family or friends to get my grub on and the waitress starts to take our drink orders. . . you guessed it, not a thought for root beer. well unless someone else actually orders it.

so what am i doing here? hmmm that’s a good one. you ever had that annoying brother, sister, cousin, aunt, uncle, etc., that you wonder how you could possibly be related to or where you can sit to avoid them at the family reunion picnic. that’s right i’m the one sitting on the far end of the table with my head down trying not to make eye contact. eventually you realize you can’t pick and choose your family, so you learn to say hi.

“Hi!” so here i am soon to be giving my two cents or a couple mugs about this whole beverage niche of root beer. there have been a few out there i can say i really like, and there might be others. just don’t order me a brew if we happen to be out for dinner. thank you

PS- i never said my other rootbeer brothers are annoying :)


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