Friday, January 28, 2011

Johnnie Ryan

I don't have a lot to say about this "Root Beer" and since none of it is good, that is probably best. The first observation of this brew comes before it is even opened. The bottle states nowhere on it that it is root beer. Only the cap indicates this to the perspective victim drinker. Only upon the bottle cap does it indicate that it is root beer. Which to me means that they put more energy into their other sodas than this one. Perhaps they should keep it that way and stick to a root beer free line of sodas.

Upon opening the bottle, nothing even resembling a root beer aroma came out. And as for taste; remember when you were a kid and you were on that little league team and after every game you could go over to the concession stand and get a free small soda? Good times huh? Nearly every concession stand I went to would put together a concoction that was not for the faint of heart. This was generally a shot of every fountain drink they had in one cup. This drink was aptly called the "suicide" or the "graveyard" or perhaps “swamp water,” “shipwreck,” “hurricane,” or “tornado" this list goes on and on. That is what Johnnie Ryan Rootbeer tasted like for me. Not all that bad, but not all that root beer either. It tasted like I got mostly cola and diet cola with a shot of house brand root beer from Sav-a-lot or Aldi or some other equally rated store.

The only thing true for this brew was it's name: "Johnnie" because that is where it belongs. I actually poured some of this out!

2 Frosty mugs: .5 for glass bottle and .5 for cane sugar and 1 because I'm nice.


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Anonymous said...

While this isn't a great root beer, it's decent. Then again, I never trust anyone's tastes who thinks that Virgil's "root beer" is great.