Monday, January 10, 2011

Polar Classics Premium - A Brew with a Legacy

Polar Classics Premium Root Beer carries with it a great legacy and certain notoriety that we do not often see in the brews we review. Although Polar Beverages is not known for their root beer they are known for something else, being the largest independent soft drink bottler in America! Like most early bottlers they have risen from humble beginnings. Established in 1882 (as indicated on the bottle) in New England, the company's first products were ginger ale, seltzers, and imported water (long before Evian & Fiji). In 1901 Dennis Crowley acquired the company and it is in his family that it remains, four generations later. As times past and prohibition took grasp of our country the increased demands for soft drinks fostered an atmosphere where soft drink bottlers could make great headway. By the end of prohibition Polar was well on its way to become a classic in the beverage world. In the 1960's the company took efforts to expand its product line with multiple flavors of soft drinks. But it was in the 1990's when Polar Beverages extended its most bold move ever, to gain acquisition of the rights to manufacture and distribute many national brands of soda. These acquisitions included that of our standard A&W as well as Adirondack which also carries a root beer flavor. Three brews under one roof, now that is saying something about Polar Beverages!!!!

The brew... I acquired my sample during my quick trip east when I met with the Moxie Man. Upon popping the top a most inviting scent invited me into this clear long necked bottle displaying a white polar bear on it. The brew is dark and the foam was thick and it was far less carbonated than the standard. The flavor was subtle but distinct, it was lightly sweetened with cane sugar, and carried a very pleasant and smooth presence. It would certainly be a great brew to have while sitting next to a warm fire while snow was falling slowly outside your door. The image of a polar bear and that fact that I am knee deep in the Eastern Seaboard Winter Season all seemed to go hand and hand. This is definitely a brew I would recommend during this time of year.

So considering the history, the bottle, the polar bear, cane sugar, and that is Winter I award this New England brew 3.5 Frosty Mugs, the flavor was not as full as I prefer but otherwise certainly a step above the standard.


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