Thursday, January 20, 2011

Saranac (updated)

Man alive! if the standard has a hotter, perhaps easier sister, this is her and she is the one I am taking to prom! Saranac Rootbeer was a delight to drink. It went down smooth and had a head that last through the entire drinking. Ok, I gulped it down. But nevertheless, it was still clinging to the inside of the frosty boot. Even though I generally prefer a RB with an edge on it, I absolutely loved it and if you want my two cents, Saranac is better than the standard by more than a frosty mug. ( I rate A&W at 3 frosty mugs which is about a solid C.)

Saranac is smoother, richer than the standard, PLUS! Saranac comes in a glass bottle. This is considered a big plus by yours truly. Truth be told, the only time I ever like to drink a plastic root beer is if it has something unique to offer. (See the upcoming post from me and the new one from Adam about Golden Maple.) The only way Saranac could get better is if they used a natural sweetner. This is why I am proud to give Saranac 4. Frosty Mugs! This would totally be a 4.5, or even a 5Mugger if it weren't for that dang HFCS.


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Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about Saranac! It's amazing and I think your "hotter easier sister" reference was right on. =) It is right at the top of my list of favorites along with Americana.