Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What is in store for 2011 at RBB?????

To our dear and kind root beer loving friends who have been with us from the beginning we extend our deepest thanks. Since 2007 when Jeff & I began blogging about our root beer adventures life for all of us has been so much smoother. So what next, glad you asked. The answer is MORE.

More root beer reviews, more root beer info, more root beer adventures of visiting with those living the dream (like The Moxie Man), and more importantly more brothers.
We will be introducing our 2 oldest brothers and including them in our little RBB effort. They too have an equal love of root beer but their love is less bias than ours. One brother is an eye doctor the other a university professor...... things are about to get real frosty around here, grab your mug, your'e going to need it!!!
By the way, did I mention that we will be going Kindle :)

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