Friday, February 11, 2011

have you tried a "Frosty Float"?

Which came first, root beer or the root beer float? According to legend in the great city of Philadelphia the float came first. Two years before Charles Hires first sold his root beer the concoction of "Ice Cream Soda" was being sold at many drug store soda fountains. Root beer was eventually identified later as the ideal soda for the summertime favorite but all the same, the float came first. There sure is some amazing root beer history in the city of brotherly love!

So over 125 years later the folks at Wendy's have decided to take the traditional root beer float to the next level. The "Frosty Float" can be made with vanilla a flavored frosty and Barq's root beer. However, that is only one way to have the "Frosty Float" as you may also choose chocolate frosty and any of the other 9 common soft drinks served in the restaurant. Yup, if you want a chocolate Dr. Pepper float then you have come to the right place. However, the traditional vanilla with root beer is the only combination we at RBB officially endorse!


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