Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Henry Weinhard

song of note while reviewing: Rhythm of Love by the Plain White T’s

my aside:
now to the nitty gritty of this rootbeer brothers adventure. I have been threaten, and some may call it positive reinforcement, with actually writing a review. but you see there’s a problem with this premise. it requires me drinking the stuff. . . after a lot of talking to myself in the mirror, which is quite normal by the way, i decided on a root beer to review. Henry Weinhard’s root beer.

let it be known i have drank this root beer before. i’d say it was about 8 years ago when i was first introduced to it by none other than adam. i don’t believe his root beer fascination was that belligerent back in those days. at least i never had to blog about it back then. i guess it is true what people say about getting more cranky as we get older. anyways, prior to mr. weinhard’s brew i never really had a root beer i would even consider drinking at gun point.

before i go any deeper into this review, let me introduce my own mini-me, duston. if doctor evil can have one so can i. except mine does not dress like me, look like me, or is even a midget. than why is he a mini-me? because unlike me, he does like root beer but he does not have the full privileges of being a root beer brother (basically he is lucky enough to not to have to write a review). so i have decided to give him the honor of partaking in my root beer adventures here at rootbeer brothers whenever our schedules work out to allow for his anecdotal comment. truth be told i’d figure if i didn’t like a root beer and he drank one too, that would be one less root beer i’d have to drink from the pack :]

now why have i chosen a root beer i have drank before? because it was a positive experience and i’d like to start off on a good note as to reinforce my obligation to this endeavor :]

back to mr. weinhard and the dirty of the matter. the root beer comes in a standard brown glass bottle with a pretty straight-forward paper label. Well it’s a little cluttered to me but if you like a brisk read while drinking, it works.

pop the top and surprisingly there is a nice aroma. my sense of smell is a tad on the week side, so this is of note for me. my way of saying it’s aromatic. taste? simply that i like weinhard. compared to a&w the sweetness is pretty much the same, but it is definitely smoother going down. best part is if you are not careful the “draught style head” of the root beer may erupt from the bottle if you put it down too hard, and don’t pay attention to it, which i have never seen from any other root beer. but than again my experience with root beer is limited compared to my other brothers.

ingredients of note: honey essence, sassafras extract, vanilla extract. ummm . . . according to the labeling, weinhard uses the finest natural and artificial ingredients. really? finest artificial ingredients. that’s bordering on an oxymoron. they should just leave the taste of their root beer speak for itself and not these gimmicky wording on their labels.

4 frosty mugs and mini-me says he likes it too, so is tha like another half frosty mug? though he is not inclined to splurge for this gourmet stuff. it didn't make him feel any snootier than normal.


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